Making The Energy Transition Work For You

With technology solutions that help solve some of the world's toughest climate challenges, we are ready to help you work toward your sustainability goals.

Ready Now for the Energy Transition

The world is striving to be cleaner, more energy efficient, and more regulated. With a partner like Honeywell, our technologies can help you transition from fossil fuels to cleaner energy sources, manage energy and carbon emissions in buildings, processes and operations, and take control of greenhouse gas emissions in industrial plants.

Take Flight with Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Sustainable aviation fuel reduces GHG emissions up to 80% compared to conventional jet fuels.1

Deliver Energy Conservation Measures

Honeywell has guaranteed $9.2B in savings through more than 3,400 projects for customers around the world.2

Reduce CO2 Footprint with Carbon Capture

Today, 15 million tons per year of CO2 is being captured and used in storage/utilization applications through Honeywell's CO2 Solutions process expertise.3

Solutions Helping Drive The Energy Transition

Underpinned by automation, digitalization and innovative technology, Honeywell solutions can help you discover, define and address tough challenges as you implement sustainability goals in your organization.

Fueling Growth Through Cleaner Power

Honeywell embraces the transition to cleaner energy in many ways. Our innovations answer the growing call for biofuels, enable the use of renewables in electrification, advance microgrid development, enable the growth and safety of electric vehicles, support development of a hydrogen economy, and encourage the adoption of clean-energy heat pumps.

Optimize and Manage Your Assets

Honeywell uses machine learning, system automation and advanced data analytics to help you reduce your carbon impact, optimize assets, and manage energy and operating costs across your buildings, industrial sites and utility grid assets.

Take Steps to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Honeywell helps you meet emission reduction targets and stakeholder expectations. Our solutions include industry-leading carbon capture technologies, streamlined emissions management and reporting software, and refrigerants with lower global warming potential.

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What we are doing today

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What's next in Energy Transition

Let’s Start Your Energy Transition

We’re ready to help you transition to the future of cleaner energy.


1 GHG reductions are based on LCA analyses conducted at Michigan Technological University under the direction of Dr. David Shonnard.
2 Honeywell ESPC energy and operational cost saving guarantees and projects. Updated March 2023.
3 Includes capacity of deployed UOP technology in installed projects enabling CO2 capture from gas streams, of which 15 Mt of captured CO2 is being utilized for enhanced oil recovery annually (Source IHSM).