The Future Is... Emissions Management

    The world needs to reduce carbon dioxide and methane emissions. Deanna Haines, carbon reduction leader at Honeywell, discusses how companies can start and how new technologies can help.

    The global increase in temperature will impact daily life as we know it.

    September 2023 was the warmest September in the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)'s 174-year record. It was also the fourth month in a row of record-high global temperatures, according to the NOAA.

    Industrial companies can help make an impact by reducing their own methane and carbon dioxide emissions.

    New technologies allow companies to measure, monitor, report and develop insights to continuously reduce emissions.

    Deanna Haines, senior director of industrial decarbonization at Honeywell, discussed the importance of emissions management in a warming world on this episode of "The Future Is..." podcast.

    "Emissions management is going to evolve in the next five to 10 years really being driven a lot by policies and incentives that are happening throughout the world," Haines said.

    Listen to this episode to learn more about the need for emissions management in a warming world.

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