The Future Is... Electric Vehicles

    Sarah Martin, President of Sensing and Safety Technologies at Honeywell, explains how innovative technologies are steering the course toward electric vehicle (EV) adoption.

    Imagine the state of our world today if electric vehicles (EV) continued on the road to progress that began with their invention in 1832. Maybe technology, in general, would be light years ahead.

    Wherever your imagination about the past takes you, insight about the future of electrification is already here.

    Safety is essential with the increasing number of EVs expected to hit the road in the coming years.

    “Electric vehicles are inherently safe,” said Sarah Martin, President of Honeywell’s Sensing and Safety Technologies on The Future Is... podcast. “We wouldn’t drive them if they weren’t. However, there are issues around lithium-ion batteries — thankfully very rare — but they do happen."

    Sensor technology elevates safety

    As the world moves to electric-powered vehicles, automakers need solutions that ensure lithium-ion batteries are reliable and work safely in all stages of the product lifecycle — plus comply with battery fire safety requirements everywhere their products live.

    A burning lithium-ion battery is tough to contain and can trigger a catastrophic event. EV battery sensors provide the real-time battery health information riders need for a safer journey. The more occupants know about their vehicles’ battery health, the greater the opportunity to exit the vehicle safely. The better the chance to protect the asset, too.

    Beyond battery sensor technology

    The need for battery safety is both on the vehicle and across the entire landscape of new technologies, Martin said in the podcast.

    Automakers require a range of EV solutions for safety and efficiency, including gas-detection solutions used throughout the manufacturing process and electrical safety personal protective equipment for workers.

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