4 Unexpected Summer Safety Tips

    It's hot out there -- here's how to enjoy it and be careful

    With intense heat and sun, summer brings a unique set of safety challenges.

    Everybody typically knows to wear sunscreen and to be careful in the water. It’s also important to take precautions for those working in extreme heat.

    But what about other subtle dangers of summer?

    Here are a few ways to stay safe during summer activities and travels.

    1. Wear hearing protection to concerts

    Our audiologist Bob Ghent once worked as a sound engineer and has advice for music lovers. “If you’re a concert-goer, you need to go into that knowing that it could be loud,” he said. That sustained high volume, combined with a screaming audience, could ultimately lead to hearing loss. Concert and music festival attendees should also take breaks from the loud noises and wear earplugs. That will help prevent hearing loss, which can have few symptoms. “There’s no scar, there’s no bleeding there’s no pain or anything so this chronic health condition sneaks up,” Ghent said.

    2. Protect your ears when mowing the lawn

    Similar to concerts, other summer activities that include loud noises for sustained durations could be a risk. If your yard is large, and requires hours of mowing, then donning hearing protection like earplugs is a preventative measure.

    3. Be prepared for a flat tire

    About 53 percent of the 100 million Americans traveling this summer are expected to take a road trip, according to AAA. Being prepared for the road trip goes beyond packing your favorite snacks. Get a maintenance check on your car, before taking a road trip and check your tires’ air pressure. Also be prepared to repair a flat tire by keeping an aerosol repair kit in your car.

    4. Communicate travel plans, but don't broadcast them

    Whether traveling, make sure you communicate your plans to emergency contacts. Let them know your expected departure and arrival times in case there are any safety situations, especially if you plan to be in areas without cell service for an extended period. 

    But, be sure not to tell too many people. Don't post on social media that you’re out of town – that could be an invitation for crime at your place while it’s vacant.

    To make sure you can communicate and access GPS and other necessary information, make sure your electronics are fully charged. In case you need any last-minute details you can access the internet with in-flight Wi-Fi.