Honeywell Accessibility Statement

    At Honeywell, we are aspiring to create an inclusive and accessible world. Accessibility is a core part of our commitment to inclusion and diversity. We are working to enable everyone, regardless of their abilities, to access our products, technology, services and the meaningful work we do. Honeywell is equally focused on empowering our employees with disabilities through accessible spaces, designs and communications, to create an inclusive environment where everyone can shape the future together.

    Our Ongoing Journey

    Our pursuit of universal accessibility is a continuous journey. We recognize that achieving full accessibility is an ongoing process. We are steadfast in our commitment to regularly reviewing and enhancing our practices to meet and exceed accessibility standards and guidelines.

    Accessibility is Everyone's Responsibility

    Accessibility at Honeywell is truly a shared responsibility. We encourage employees to embrace accessibility as an integral part of our culture.

    Feedback and Support

    Your feedback matters. We encourage all input to help us identify areas for improvement, address accessibility barriers and enhance inclusive user experience. 

    Please reach out to us at HoneywellAccessibility@Honeywell.com.

    Our accessibility team is here to help every person more fully engage and participate in the work we do at Honeywell.

    Legal Compliance and Shared Responsibility

    We are dedicated to meeting or exceeding the accessibility requirements set forth by applicable laws and regulations, including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and procurement laws, such as Section 508 (US) and EN 301 549 (EU).