Honeywell Ventures

    Honeywell Ventures invests in innovative technologies at various stages of growth. These investments align with the growth opportunities and technology roadmaps of Honeywell's strategic business groups.

    Investment Strategy

    We make direct investments in companies that provide us access to new technologies or new markets. Our investments span a wide range of technology themes, including those that align with our existing businesses.

    Aerospace Technologies
    Aerospace Technologies

    Autonomy architecture


    Alternative navigation


    Warehouse robotics

    Process control technologies including sensors

    Discrete manufacturing automation technologies

    Emergency response technologies for first responders

    Building fire and security systems and infrastructure

    Energy and Sustainability Solutions
    Energy and Sustainability Solutions

    Hydrogen and related technologies

    Sustainable aviation fuels

    Advanced materials including graphene and other engineered materials 

    Proprietary chemical processes

    Upcycling technologies

    Carbon capture, utilization, and storage 

    Energy efficiency solutions

    Venture Fund Partnerships

    Honeywell Ventures strategically supports leading venture capital funds to broaden our reach to the most innovative startups and global ecosystems aligned with our strategic themes. We’re particularly interested in thematic investment funds that specialize in our interest areas and general deep technology funds.

    Featured Funds

    Working With Us

    We invest in companies and founders who support our primary business groups: Aerospace Technologies, Industrial Automation, Energy and Sustainability Solutions, Building Automation, and Honeywell Connected Enterprise.

    Our goal is to make the investment process as smooth and transparent as possible.

    Our Team

    Stéphane Fymat

    Managing Director & President

    Rich Jahnke


    Farah Papaioannou


    Sara Jones

    Sr. Director

    Victor Yang

    Sr. Manager

    Jake Wasserman

    Assistant General Counsel

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