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New Jersey CafÔøΩ Savors Fire Protection with Added Reliability and Side of Cost Savings

Northford, Conn.,Jan. 30, 2014 The Mamajuana Caf franchise, opened its doors to their newest addition inPeterson, N.J., with an addressable MS-9200UDLSsystem from Fire-Lite Alarms to protect its occupants and livelihood. Thesystem was designed and installed by High End Electric an experienced licensedelectrical contractor, owned by Narciso Jimenez and Ramon Guzman. The Latinrestaurant also came away with a more reliable, money-saving means formonitoring its fire alarm system with the IPGSM-4G fire alarm communicator fromHoneywell Power.The Fire-Lite fire alarm system monitors andcontrols a variety of heat and smoke detectors, and pull stations, as well assprinkler and water flow valves throughout the restaurant. In an emergency, thesystem's addressability allows it to provide precise information, gathered fromall devices, concerning the location of alarms and the type of event detected.The MS-9200UDLS offers the caf ample coverage with plenty of add-on capacityto handle future additions without overpaying upfront for unneededcapabilities. HoneywellPower's IPGSM-4Gcommunicator enabled the caf to utilize its existing Internet line as theprimary means of reporting fire alarm data to a central station. For a backupcommunication path, the caf's system relies on cellular (GSM). The use of twodifferent communication paths boosts the reliability of fire alarm reporting. IfHigh End Electric had taken the more traditional approach t ofire alarm communications using two phone lines, the caf's monthly costwould equal $105, including $75 for the two phone lines and $30 for monitoring. Today, the restaurant pays $45 per month tocover monitoring and digital cellular communications via Honeywell's AlarmNet network. Through an arrangement with several of the nation's largest wirelesscarriers, AlarmNet provides digital cellular communications to a networkoperations center, where signals are converted into any one of multiple alarmcommunications formats and forwarded to the central station monitoring theaccount.High End Electric Leadman Electrician and FireAlarm Specialist Luis Rodriguez says he was initially concerned about usingcellular communications for the Mamajuana Caf because the restaurant is locatedin a low altitude that can cause a weak signal."AlarmNet gave us some tips about how toinstall the digital cellular communicator. And the first time we used it, wewere able to set it up in about two hours, including the time spent on thephone with AlarmNet to set up the account," Rodriguez explains. "Since then, wehave used these communicators in over 300 installations and now it takes about anhour to install them."Rodriguez points out authorities in his areaallow the IPGSM-4G to be used as the sole communications method for commercialfire installations, in accordance with local and National Fire ProtectionAssociation (NFPA) standards. The IP (Internet Protocol) and cellularoption is gaining acceptance nationwide as more and more local authoritiesadopt the 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions of NFPA72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. Those versions of the codeallow the use of UL-approved, IP and cellular communicators as the single reportingpath when they are programmed to send a supervisory check-in signal to the centralstation every five minutes. The central station must also send an alert if acheck-in signal is not received at the expected time.Miguelina Arce, co-owner of the MamajuanaCaf, sums up the whole fire alarm experience as "excellent." "We are happythat we didn't have to pay for two phone lines to serve just the fire alarmsystem."To learn more about fire alarm and emergencycommunication systems or request a system demonstration from Fire-Lite Alarms,visit in-depth details on the Honeywell Power IPGSM-4G fire alarm communicatoris available online at High- and low-resolution images of the Mamajuana Caf's fire alarm systemand IP/GSM communicator are available in the online press room. MEDIA CONTACT Beth Welch

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