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CANADA: NOTIFIER Introduces Unique Smoke Detector for Challenging, Hard-to-Reach Applications

WOODBRIDGE, ONTARIO NOTIFIERby Honeywell ( NYSE: HON) todayintroduced a unique detector designed to meet the challenges of sensing smokein harsh environments, hard-to-reach areas or locations where the smokedetector must be mounted outside of the protected space. Its combination of aspiration air sampling technology with addressable spot detection makes the new XAS Smoke Detector ideal for correctional facilities, elevator shafts, MRI rooms, Hydro Vaults, HVAC ducts and more.

By continuously sampling air from theprotected space through a pipe network, the XAS Detector rapidly senses theslightest traces of smoke. Its filtering process and scan of incipient firesignatures verifies the presence of real smoke, thereby diminishing the occurrenceof nuisance alarms."We've married the best features ofaspiration detection and your typical spot detectors together to provide anaffordable solution to serve a variety of difficult applications," said HowardDiamond, national sales manager for NOTIFIER Canada. "This solves a lot ofdevice location problems, and does a much better job of detecting smoke andavoiding nuisance alarms within dirty environments or high air flow areas."XAS Smoke Detectors can be placed in accessible locations, making themeasy to install, service and test. Only the sampling pipes reach intoinaccessible areas, such as restricted security spaces, elevator shafts,transformer vaults, concealed roof and floor spaces, MRI rooms, closed-offlaboratory spaces, prison cells, and all types of HVAC ductwork.As part ofNOTIFIER's ONYX® Advanced Detectionline, the XAS SmokeDetector enables NOTIFIER fire alarm systems to offer more comprehensivesolutions to fit the individual fire protection needs of virtually any facilityor multi-building campus. The XAS Smoke Detector's ULC listing ensures it meets the high performancestandards of a nationally recognized life safety systems testing agency and iscode compliant.For more information on the XAS Smoke Detector's capabilities and the variety of applications it is designed to better protect, visit To request a product demonstration or locate a nearby NOTIFIER Engineered Systems Distributor, contact a Regional Sales Manager.EDITOR'S NOTE: High- and low-resolution images of NOTIFIER's XAS Smoke Detector and its various applications are available in the online photo library.
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