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Fire-Lite Alarms' Centralized Reporting Solution Wins Campus Safety BEST Award

Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced its Lite-Connect solution has earned a Campus SafetyBEST Award for centralizing the reporting of multiple fire alarm control panelsfor cost-savings and added electrical protection. This honor is bestowed uponsuperior safety products for hospital, school and university facilities by Campus Safety magazine.

Lite-Connectallows multi-mode fiber optic cable to join as many as 16 remote Fire-LiteAlarms fire alarm control panels together to report all systems' signals to acentral monitoring station as one. Multi-building campus applications canbenefit most from the significant cost savings this centralized reportingmethod provides through the elimination of one or two telecommunication linesper fire panel.

Theuse of multi-mode fiber optic cable with Lite-Connect between fire alarmcontrol panels offers more robust protection from common ground faults, andother electrical surges, many times caused by lightning strikes. Fiber opticcable also allows more fire alarm information on the actual point or zoneinvolved in all events to be reported, allowing for a more informed response.

"Aside from the added protectionand monetary savings Lite-Connect offers, schools, apartment buildings andretail shops really benefit because it's non-proprietary," said Richard Conner,director of marketing, Fire-Lite Alarms. "It's readily available on the marketand any fire alarm dealer of their choosing can install it."

The Campus Safety BEST Awardswinning entries were chosen from an exclusive group of products deemed mostnoteworthy by a panel of accomplished leaders in the security industry.

Theapplications and technical aspects of utilizing this new fiber solution withFire-Lite Alarms control panels is summarized in the Webinar Lite-Connect - A New Fiber Solution, available forimmediate viewing on-demand. A video introduction to Lite-Connect is alsoavailable on the Fire-Lite Alarms YouTube Channel. More technical information on Lite-Connectand compatible fire alarm control panels can be found on

EDITORSNOTE: High- andlow-resolution imagesof the Lite-Connect graphic and Fire-Lite Alarms control panels are availablein the online press room.