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Honeywell Launches New Router to Boost Business Jet Efficiency, Enabling Wi-Fi in the Air, on the Ground

CNX-250 multifunction router will provide broader range of aircraft connectivity options to improve user experience for operators and maintenance personnel PHOENIX, May 5, 2015 − Honeywell Aerospace (NYSE: HON) has released the new CNX-250 multifunction router, enabling aircraft to connect to a cellular network while on the ground and transition to a satellite connection while in flight. The new router enables connection to a variety of network sources rather than exclusively to a satellite communications network, giving operators and maintenance personnel the flexibility to always stay connected while in the air or on the ground for maximum operational efficiency.“Passengers worldwide are hungering for better connectivity and more expanded services through all phases of flight, and Honeywell is continually developing new solutions to meet this demand,” said Rebecca Sidelinger, senior director, Marketing and Product Management, Honeywell Aerospace. “In addition to consistent in-flight Wi-Fi, the new CNX-250 router means an aircraft doesn’t have to taxi outside the hangar for connectivity when Wi-Fi is required for ground maintenance operations.”Honeywell’s CNX-250 router provides all necessary cabin network functions such as onboard Wi-Fi and telephone systems to keep passengers connected and productive while traveling at 40,000 feet. The CNX-250 improves on the existing CNX-200 and will gradually replace it when its aircraft installation certification is complete.Like all CNX Cabin Gateway products, the CNX-250 eliminates the expense and inconvenience of purchasing separate hardware components. Lightweight and purpose-built, it meets the demanding hardware certification requirement while delivering exceptional cabin communications to passengers via Wi-Fi and Ethernet for laptops, smartphones and other personal electronic devices.Honeywell will be working with TrueNorth Avionics to provide the new CNX-250 product to business jet operators around the world. The new product will be available through Honeywell’s global network of authorized dealers and service centers.Staying Connected With HoneywellHoneywell’s industry-leading connectivity products cater to customer needs from the cockpit to the cabin. As demand for fast, in-flight connectivity continues to grow, Honeywell has focused on providing a comprehensive range of products and services, including Iridium, L-band and GX Ka-band solutions, to meet the needs of regional and global customers.Honeywell’s connectivity products have the largest air transport installed base and are onboard almost every aircraft with current broadband solutions. Honeywell is well-positioned to bring together its connectivity experience with proven systems integration to deliver the most expansive, consistent, high-speed connectivity network in the world.

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