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SK Low Frequency Base Release

New Low Frequency Notification Sounders and Backup Amplifier Offer Easy Solutions to Meet Code Requirements and Engineer SpecificationsNORTHFORD, Conn., Jul. 27, 2015 Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced it has introduced Silent Knight® low frequency sounders and sounder bases, plus a unique amplifier to provide code-mandated backup power capabilities for emergency communication systems.
To satisfy specifiers' demand for more secure fire and emergency voice communications, a unique amplifier has been developed by the Silent Knight team to provide backup power capabilities for the IntelliKnight 5820XL-EVS emergency voice system.
The new line of low frequency notification solutions includes SpectrAlert® Advance low frequency sounders and sounder bases. The sounders and sounder bases are designed by System Sensor to emit a 520 Hz tone, which studies have found more effective at waking building occupants, including those with mild to severe hearing loss. The expanded line includes speakers and speaker/strobes, as well as sounder bases compatible with Silent Knight smoke, heat, and fire/carbon monoxide (CO) detectors.
These notification appliances provide the low frequency output to meet current NFPA 72 standards and International Building/Fire Code. Existing installations of current Silent Knight detectors and traditional sounder bases can be easily upgraded by replacing the base with the new low frequency version. In applications where speakers are being used for low frequency notification, the IntelliKnight 5820XL-EVS has also been updated to emit the 520 Hz tone.
Back-up power is an essential component to meeting fire alarm voice evacuation and emergency communication systems survivability requirements. The new EVS-100W can deliver 50 watts of power to the 5820XL-EVS, plus 50 watts of back-up power. For more audio power, the Silent Knight EVS-100WBU can be used for 100 watts of power with 50 watts for back-up"Survivability is a code-required function of fire and voice evac systems, and we're seeing more specs calling for more power to back-up these systems," said David Pakech, sales leader, Silent Knight-IntelliKnight. "These voice systems are getting bigger and wall space is at a premium, so the backup amp will soon be a commodity for most jobs."
More technical documentation on the SpectrAlert Advance low frequency appliances and the EVS-100W Amplifier is available on For information on applicable low frequency requirements and emergency notification backup, visit EDITORS NOTE: High- and low-resolution images associated with this press release are available in the Silent Knight image gallery.
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