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Honeywell Launches New Fall Protection Harnesses For Utilities Sector

France, 3 September 2015 Honeywell (NYSE:HON) has launched two new Miller H-Design®fall protection harnesses specifically for those working at tall heights in the utilities sector. The Miller H-Design BodyFit and BodyFix harnesses provide exceptional comfort and freedom of movement and are equipped with new waist belts to allow hands-free body positioning, essential when carrying out maintenance activities at height. "Our utility customers tell us that traditional harnesses can be extremely uncomfortable and actually restrict the type of movement needed to perform their jobs while on poles and pylons," said C-line Verdot, product manager of fall protection solutions for Honeywell Safety Products, EMEA. "Miller H-Design BodyFit and BodyFix provide dedicated solutions for both regular and intermittent maintenance work, enabling the right system to be chosen for specific user needs."For regular pylon and pole work, Miller H-Design BodyFit is equipped with a unique patented waist belt that can be adjusted vertically enabling the wearer to create the perfect fit for their own body shape and optimal support for their back. The belt also rotates to allow wider sideway movements and enable effective body positioning and support for any work alongside the pole. The padded belt, which is wider at the back for enhanced comfort and support, is also lightweight and breathable. Freedom of movement is further enhanced with the addition of DuraFlex®stretch webbing at the shoulders.Designed for those working at height less frequently, Miller H-Design BodyFix also provides excellent freedom of movement and work positioning through a fixed-position waist belt that is padded, breathable and very comfortable.Both models are certified to EN361:2002 requirements for full body harnesses and EN358:2000 requirements for work positioning systems. Developed from Honeywell's innovative Miller H-Design harness, wider user benefits include easy-to-adjustfront buckles, which enable intuitive adjustments by pulling from the top down (vs. traditional harness buckles that require pulling from the bottom up) and a back D-ring positioned at an angle for easy connection. Highly visible stitching and fall indicators have also been positioned on the front web loops and back plate to provide safety managers and workers with an instant visual recognition system to check if the harness has been exposed to a fall. Additionally, both harnesses feature water repellent and stain-resistant webbing. They are also lightweight and quick and easy to put on and take off.You can learn more about the Miller H-Design BodyFix and BodyFit harnesses by visiting: Miller H-Design BodyFit and Miller H-Design BodyFix