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Honeywell and Gulfstream Help Customers Prepare for Upcoming Mandates with Advanced Navigation

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) and Gulfstream are making it easier for Gulfstream GV owners and operators to meet the International Civil Aviation Organization, European Aviation Safety Administration and Federal Aviation Administration’s upcoming flight safety mandates. Achieving certification for the mandate, called Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1/A+, means that Gulfstream GV operators will be able to easily upgrade existing cockpit technologies with a more modern communication and navigation system that delivers more efficient flight routes and fuel savings.Gulfstream GV operators will now be able to easily upgrade to compliant technology through existing hardware, instead of installing new cockpit systems, which makes meeting the 2020 mandates deadline more cost-effective. The FANS 1/A+ system also equips pilots to take advantage of the North Atlantic Track System — the trans-Atlantic flight paths set every day based on wind conditions — to optimize flight time and fuel savings, and help lower operational costs. The upgrade will enhance safety and make traveling to and from Europe more efficient.The newly certified system is the only fully integrated solution for FANS and was specifically developed by Honeywell and Gulfstream to fully integrate with the aircraft’s cockpit – ensuring optimal performance with the existing avionics systems. Other key benefits include the ability to retain full flight management system performance with continued autothrottle operation and retention of full vertical navigation guidance.Honeywell and Gulfstream are also planning on certifying upgrade solutions for the GIV and GIV-SP aircraft for this FANS mandate.
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