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Ring in the Holidays With Honeywell's Battery-Powered and Plug-in Wireless Doorbells

MINNEAPOLIS, Dec. 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- The old doorbell is getting a makeover: welcome home to Honeywell's (NYSE: HON) Series 9, Series 5, and Series 3 collection of battery-powered and plug-in wireless doorbells. Winner of the 2016 Red Dot Design Award, Honeywell's new doorbells bring modern touches and conveniences, all with a sleek, compact look, to best match people's lives and the homes they live in.

The Series 9 Wireless Doorbell combines portability &endash; ready for indoors, out in the yard, or any room in the house &endash; with both built-in and customizable tunes and sounds. It also features visual alerts with LED lights in seven different colors. With a wireless range of up to 450 feet and volume up to 90 dB, the Series 9 is able to be heard and seen clearly throughout most rooms and spaces. The Series 9 battery has a life of up to five years under normal conditions.

"Our doors are the first thing that welcome family, friends, and visitors to our homes, but most people probably only think about doorbells when something goes wrong with them," said Ted Booth, design director, Connected Home, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies. "Honeywell's new doorbells change that. They can be placed anywhere in the home and ringtones can be easily customized. These doorbells simply are a better fit with how people live today."

Available in both battery-powered and plug-in models, Honeywell's Series 5 and Series 3 Doorbells offer many of the same features as the Series 9, including Honeywell ActivLink' to ensure a strong signal and far-reaching range &endash; up to 350 feet with the Series 5, and up to 250 feet for the Series 3. The push button module for every model can be attached to a variety of spots and surfaces near doors and entries. With ActivLink, up to six* push buttons can be synced to the doorbell(s). Adjustable volume control means that knowing when someone arrives, or deciding to have some peace and quiet, is just a button press away.

  • Award-Winning Fit and Finish. Small in size and discreet when they should be, the Series 9, 5, and 3 Doorbells and push button modules can work with a variety of d√©cors. The adjustable LED halo and strobe lighting help keep you alerted; a night light function is also available (Series 5 only).
  • Ready to Adapt. Adjustable volume, sleep mode, and a mute timer (ranging from 3, 6, 9, 12 hours and permanent mute mode) help the doorbells fit unique routines and schedules such as when a parent puts their baby down for a nap.
  • High Quality Sound for High Quality Homes. With a variety of selectable (and even downloadable**) tones and tunes, which can be played at up to 90 dB, the doorbell can be more personal.
  • Going the Distance. The doorbells provide up to a five-year battery life, and a wireless signal range of up to 450 feet***.

For more info on Honeywell's entire collection wireless and plug-in doorbells &endash; including the Series 9, Series 5, and Series 3 (pricing ranges between MSRP U.S. $24.99 and $49.99) &endash; please visit, or your local retailer. To learn how else Honeywell is changing the homes of today and tomorrow, check out

* Up to six push button modules can be synced to the Series 9 (up to four with the Series 5 and Series 3)
** Downloadable tones and tunes are available on the Series 9
*** Maximum ranges for the Series 9

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