Requesting Move To Restricted DSES

Requesting Restricted/Special DSES Access

New Request

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Access Type: Select Restricted/Special from the drop down box.
Access Group Name: Select from drop down


  • Honeywell employees select dses.

  • Contract Service Workers (subcontractors) select dses_contractors.

To move existing account to restricted/special dses group or dses_contractors group

Send an email to HRASupport outlined below

  • If you are a Honeywell employee requesting that your existing Honeywell remote access account be moved to the restricted/special dses group, send email to HRASupport copy AEROG&CInformationAssurance. Include your EID, brief business justification, and country of citizenship.

  • If you are a subcontractor (Contract Service Worker) for Honeywell (example: IBM, Manpower, Labor Lynx) requesting your existing remote access account be moved to the restricted/special dses_contractors group, send email to HRASupport, copy AEROG&CInformationAssurance. Include your Honeywell EID, brief business justification, name of the company you work for, and country of citizenship.