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Your students. Your faculty. Your fans. Your alumni. Your University. From orientation to graduation, let’s bring your campus back to life. 

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Education is the passport to the future -- for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. 

We are ready to help your facility prepare a comprehensive approach to mitigate risk, helping you bring students back. 


Protecting People

Community Dashboard
Students feel comfortable and ready to return.

PPE Protection
Safety kits available from vending machines across the campus. Frictionless, no-touch collection.

Thermal Screening
Identify, isolate and reduce the risk.

Mask & PPE Detection
Minimize the potential for contamination.

Touchless Access Control
Minimize the potential for contamination.

Contact Tracing
Identify, track and isolate occupants at risk.

Securing Places


People Counting & Social Distancing Monitoring 
Understand, manage and control the number of people on your campus.

Enhanced Air Quality
Meet new industry standards and guidelines.


Isolate Vulnerable Spaces
Like meeting rooms and washroom and allow for lock-out tag-out protocol.


Verify Cleaning
Monitoring cleaning activity across the campus.

Stabilizing Operations

Autonomous Building Automations & Controls
Holistic management of your facility for compliance and operational efficiencies.


Incident Response & Protection
Lockdown monitoring with alerts with tailored standard operating procedures.

Cybersecure Solutions & Operational Continuity

Operational Dashboard
Monitor all KPIs to uphold compliance.

Cloud-Based Solutions 
Reduced operational cost, sustainability and operational efficiency.

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