Honeywell is a leader in the technology behind renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel for fleet and airline logistics. We help our customers navigate the energy transition by providing technologies that produce alternatives to conventional petroleum-based transportation fuels.

    Honeywell is honored to play a role in the future of energy transition. For logistics companies looking to adopt alternative fuels, we will partner with your operations to find the best solution for your needs. Honeywell is ready to help you adopt innovations that will redefine energy in the logistics industry.

    Alternative Energy Solutions for Logistics Providers

    Ecofining™ for Renewable Fuels

    Finding Solutions for Future Energy Challenges.

    Honeywell is leading the way with renewable fuels created from alternative sources.

    Renewable fuels created from sustainable sources help meet the future's energy challenges.

    Petrochemical producers can find assistance addressing complex challenges of efficient processes, feedstock availability and shifting demand.

    Innovative solutions to assist in your gas processing operation becoming more flexible, efficient, and profitable.

    Find unique capabilities in configuration planning and optimization to help your distribution and logistics operations.

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    Honeywell Optimizes Energy Storage Solutions

    Today, the renewable energy sector is under pressure to produce energy more efficiently, reliably, and economically, while reducing the environmental impact and improving safety and regulatory compliance.

    UOP Ecofining™ Process for Sustainable Aviation Fuel

    Honeywell UOP, a leader in refining technologies for more than a century, is leading the path to new sources of energy and clean skies.

    Brand New Again

    Refiners are facing a new world and new markets as the drive toward sustainability accelerates. Business is leading the change as major global corporations move to increase sustainability and lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The endgame is to produce low ‑carbon, sustainable fuels while maximizing available resources and reducing waste.

    The Future is What We Make It.

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