Statement of Our Principles

    Honeywell is grounded in a strong set of foundational principles that are essential to our success as a global enterprise, and these principles serve as prerequisites for all who want to work for our company: Integrity and Ethics, Inclusion and Diversity, and Workplace Respect.

    • Our commitment to Integrity and Ethics is ironclad. Every year, all Honeywell employees certify their full compliance with our Code of Business Conduct and disclose any potential conflicts of interest. We will walk away from business rather than do business the wrong way.
    • We are resolute in our support for Inclusion and Diversity, both because it’s the right thing to do and because it is a fundamental enabler for our business. Diversity enables the high levels of quality and innovation demanded by our customers, and it helps us develop technologies that improve the quality of lives worldwide.
    • Workplace Respect shapes our daily interactions with each other and our valued customers, suppliers, and business partners. We enforce a zero-tolerance policy against any form of harassment or discrimination, and our zero-tolerance policy prohibits racism by name.

    We fully abide by our principles, which are embedded in our Code of Business Conduct, and we have a no-retaliation policy for those who report any instances of non-compliance. We take all complaints seriously and follow up with investigations and appropriate actions based on our findings.

    The world is a contentious place right now, and we dislike the partisanship and extremism that characterizes much of political dialogue across and within nations. We believe there is ample common ground for people to come together in support of a positive agenda that creates good jobs and prosperity for citizens while protecting the planet. While we do not comment or respond to every social issue, policy proposal, and incident that occurs, we are unwavering in our foundational principles, and we will always champion the fundamental equality, dignity, safety, and well-being of every human being.

    Our success is a direct reflection of our ability to recruit and retain diverse talent, and to provide a positive work environment that enables everyone to contribute. We operate as an apolitical company where good ideas win, and we reward and celebrate success in a team environment that fosters collaboration and innovation. We recognize that our stakeholders will not always agree on every issue, but we encourage everyone to live and model our company’s foundational principles every day. Our daily focus will always remain on taking care of our customers, employees, investors, and communities and performing our very best for them while striving to make the world a better place.

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