Commercial Buildings

    Commercial building owners and operators use our hardware, software and analytics to help create safer, more efficient and productive facilities. Our solutions and services improve the occupant experience and are used in more than 10 million buildings worldwide.
    • Learn how different technologies have helped make historic landmarks' operations more efficient.
    • What does the office of the future look like? The new Honeywell global headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, may give you an idea. Senior Director of Real Estate Koo MacQueen gives a behind-the-scenes look at the office.
    • Regulations, standards and goals for carbon neutrality and a more sustainable planet are in motion. At Honeywell, we have the products and technologies to enable your building to be more sustainable.

    Innovations and Achievements

    With over 125 years of proven building solutions, Honeywell is building ecosystems that put the occupant at the center and fostering environments of efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.

    Honeywell customers have saved $6B
    In Energy & Operational Savings since 1979

    400+ buildings connected to the cloud
    With solutions driven predictive maintenance, occupant experience and more

    Honeywell has completed approximately
    6,000 guaranteed efficiency projects for our customers

    What we do

    Building Cybersecurity

    We help customers secure their Operational Technology (OT) Building Systems to protect their brand, assets and tenants.

    Building Management Systems

    We provide automation, efficiency and control of energy usage, heating, cooling, humidity, space utilization and building management software.

    Commercial Building Security System

    We’ve pioneered long-range radio, alarm communications and the world’s best- selling glassbreak detectors.

    Fire and Safety

    We integrate safety systems within your building, so you always know what’s happening, and can be more confident it’s protected from cybersecurity risks.

    Healthy Buildings

    A healthy building has many benefits to organizations such as improved productivity, attracting talent and better occupant health.

    Integrated Operations

    Connecting building systems help automate routine tasks, enhance security and accelerate responses to problems.

    Sustainable Buildings

    Our solutions manage energy demand, drive business continuity, leverage funding sources, achieve compliance and help businesses work towards meeting their ESG goals.

    Featured Products and Services

    Carbon & Energy Management
    Enable building owners and operators to optimize building performance and provide a healthier indoor environment while reducing energy use and emissions.
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    Occupant Experience
    Occupant Experience Dashboard
    Designed for building operators to help facilitate a positive occupant experience in a collaborative hybrid office.
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    Visitor and Contractor Management
    Our solution simplifies visitor and contractor management and improves safety, security and compliance.
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    Intelligent Building Optimization
    Enables building owners and operators to optimize building air quality and energy efficiency in real time.
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    Command and Control Suite
    Brings all building systems together in one place, improving operational response and reducing risk of business interruption.
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    Software for Commercial Buildings Operations

    Uncertain Times Drive Sustainable Learning

    Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) achieves autonomous energy optimization with Honeywell Forge.

    2,000 Points of Data, 1 Dashboard

    Bluewater Health implements proactive maintenance process to reduce building maintenance costs.

    Lower Costs And Improve Occupant Experience

    Lincoln Harris selects Honeywell Forge SaaS solution to improve the occupant experience by better addressing maintenance issues and reduce costs.