Logistics and Warehouse

    Honeywell technologies and services enable and streamline DC operations ranging from receiving and storage to picking, packing and shipping. Our broad range of worker productivity tools help solve challenges from the warehouse through last mile delivery.

    Innovations and Achievements

    Honeywell’s unique portfolio of automation, software and labor productivity tools has been a driving force for logistics and warehousing operations around the world for 30+ years.

    10,000+ warehouses & DCs
    Use Honeywell automated material handling technology ​

    1M+ workers use Honeywell voice every day​
    The technology enables operations to be 99% accurate in fulfilling orders

    Honeywell’s handheld RFID readers enable ​
    99% accuracy in inventory tracking

    What we do

    Automated Material Handling Solutions and Design Services

    Solutions from conveyance and sortation systems, to palletizing and depalletizing, to automated storage and retrieval systems.

    Barcode Scanning and Decoding Software

    Technology integrated into third-party devices, such as drones, to enable faster and more accurate inventory counting.

    Connected Assets Technology

    We help distribution center operators keep critical systems running at peak productivity levels, limiting downtime and using predictive maintenance for greater operational insights.

    Energy Management and Air Quality in Buildings

    Healthy building solutions to optimize air quality and energy usage in warehouse and DC environments.

    Maintenance and Inspection Hardware and Software

    Technologies that free up technicians’ hands and ​eyes so they can focus on their tasks and comply with ​safety procedures.

    Personal Protective Equipment

    For DC and warehouse settings, we offer eye and fall protection, face masks, hearing protection for increasingly loud and technology-driven spaces, boots, gloves, hard hats and more.

    Productivity and Voice Solutions

    Devices and software that empower warehouse workers to stay productive and connected within every touchpoint of their workflows. Mobile computers, scanning, headsets and more.

    Services For Warehouses, DCs & Sortation Facilities

    Comprehensive lineup of services aiming to maximize system utilization, reduce overall cost of maintenance and extend equipment life.

    Software for Warehouse Operations

    Tools to address eCommerce challenges by orchestrating nearly every aspect of warehouse management and execution. Labor management software, warehouse execution software and more.

    Solutions for The Future of Logistics and Warehouses

    Innovative Supply Chains Podcast

    Honeywell Chief Supply Chain Officer Torsten Pilz, Udo Lange of Federal Express Logistics and Nitin Chaudhary from Fresh Direct talk about the future of supply chains.

    Automation that Delivers

    Honeywell Forge Connected Warehouse is prescriptive analytics solution designed to provide greater visibility for warehouse and supply chain executives.

    Investment for Greater Efficiency

    Learn how the partnership between Honeywell Intelligrated and Bee Sweet Citrus resulted in increased facility efficiency and throughput.