Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Where can I find support for my Honeywell thermostat?

    Honeywell thermostats for homes are supported by Resideo, a Honeywell licensee. Please contact 1-800-468-1502 for support or visit www.honeywellhome.com for more information.

    Q: Where can I find support for Honeywell Portable Heaters, Fans and Humidifiers products?

    Honeywell heaters, fans and humidifiers are supported by Helen of Troy, a Honeywell licensee. Please contact 1-800-477-0457 for support or visit www.honeywellpluggedin.com for more information.

    Q: Where can I find support for my Honeywell Smart Home Security products?

    Honeywell Smart home security, Wi-Fi cameras and water leak detectors are supported by Resideo, a Honeywell licensee. Please contact 1-800-633-3991 for support or visit www.honeywellhome.com for more information.

    Q: How can I purchase Honeywell Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and potentially purchase Honeywell 3-D knit masks and safety packs for individual or commercial use?

    Please visit our online safety shop to browse available safety gear.

    Q: Where can I get in touch for technical or product support for Aerospace products, software and services?

    Please visit www.aerospace.honeywell.com for customer or technical support.

    Q: How do I reach Honeywell's accounts payable department?

    You can contact 1-480-598-9071 during the department's business hours of 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday or send an email to honeywell.accounts.payable@honeywell.com.

    Q: I am a current Honeywell employee -- how do I contact the IT Helpdesk?

    You can contact IT Help Desk:

     USA employees – 1-844 2476247 

    Canada employees – 1-844 2476248

    Other countries employees  - visit the website.

    Q: I am a former Honeywell employee who is looking for more information about my retirement plan. Who do I contact for that information?

    US employees can contact Honeywell One-Stop at 1-877-258-3699. 

    Employees in other countries can send an email to hrhelp@honeywell.com

    Q: Where can I find job information about working at Honeywell and current available openings?

    To apply for full-time and part-time jobs and internship programs, you can visit the careers website.

    Q: I need to have my current or previous Honeywell employment verified, where can I request formal verification?

    United States: If an employee is currently working with Honeywell or left within three years from the current year, please use the following steps: 

    1. Visit our partner’s website
    2. Select - Request Employment & Wage Verification (Honeywell company code of HWELL78) 
    3. Access the Verification of Employment site: www.Thomas-and-Company.com and select “Request Employment & Wage Verification”. 
    4. Select Employee and follow the instructions provided. 
    5. Enter the Honeywell company code of HWELL78. Note: FM&T employees should use the company code HFMT43. 
    6. Enter your Name, Social Security Number and Employee Identification Number (EID). 
    7. Confirm and agree to the terms. 

    For more information, visit this website or call 1-615-620-0569.

    For employees terminated for more than 3 years, send an email to hrhelp@honeywell.com

    For employees in Canada, call the Canadian Employment Verification helpline:  1-800 808-6449

    For all other  countries, excluding US and Canada, send an email to Honeywell HR helpdesk at hrhelp@honeywell.com.