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    How to get support or sales assistance on Maxon and Eclipse Burner?

    To get assistance for this product, please follow the details below.

    Technical and sales support:

    • If you are a customer, technician, contractor, or non-authorized distributor, click to find the nearest listed distributors to assist you. Please follow the steps below:

      1. Select Country, City/Postal Code, Partner Type,
      2. Product Interest category: select Honeywell Thermal Solutions
      3. Industry category: Do not select anything
    • For OEM/distributor in US or Canada, the product support team can be contacted through the options below.

      • Phone: 1-888-516-9282.
        Note: The OEM/Distributor will have to leave a voicemail message stating their need for support and the HTS Tech Support team will call them back.
      • Send your request for assistance to this email.
    • For OEM/distributor in the other regions, click here to find the contacts to assist you.
    • Contact our support team here.