Honeywell’s Commitment to Healthcare Professionals and First Responders

    Honeywell is communicating the following principles to our stakeholders to ensure our personal protective equipment (PPE) products are being placed quickly and cost-effectively in the hands of those most in need – including first responders and medical professionals.

    At Honeywell, we are committed to supporting the safety of our employees, customers and fellow citizens around the world. This is a critical time in our industry and in our history and the number of requests and orders we have received for personal protective equipment (PPE) related to the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented.

    To that end, we have begun to invest in new production facilities and expand existing ones to increase production of these critical PPE products and bring them to market as quickly as possible. We are working around the clock with our teams to ensure that we are serving the most critical needs of our partners and our communities and to ensure that those who need these critical items most – the medical care workers and first responders – have access to the PPE they need so they can care for others safely.

    There has been substantial media coverage recently describing how certain distributors and individuals have purchased and hoarded critical health-related products such as ventilators, masks and sanitizers, obtained through various channels to engage in price gouging of end-user customers. This activity is indefensible, immoral and illegal. It puts lives at risk and strains the already financially challenged resources of our most vulnerable population and we have zero tolerance for this.

    We expect that, at a minimum, all of our partners will comply with all applicable laws prohibiting price gouging and apply appropriate diligence to the greatest extent possible to understand how our products are being purchased so that they are placed quickly and cost-effectively in the hands of those most in need – including first responders and medical professionals. In addition, while we do not control the prices that third parties set, we have established standardization and fair pricing on select personal protective equipment used in the COVID-19 response effort.

    If we find that one of our partners is not upholding the letter or spirit of this commitment, we reserve the right not to fulfill that partner’s orders and terminate our relationship with that party.

    The days ahead will be stressful for all of us. Only by working together will we ensure that the most critical needs are met and those that are placing themselves in harm’s way will have the protection needed to serve those affected by this pandemic. We thank our partners for the efforts they are undertaking to help serve our communities and look forward to working with them in the weeks ahead as we stand together in this crisis to serve those impacted by this great challenge.