We create safer, healthier, more comfortable and sustainable air travel with one of the industry’s broadest and most innovative offering portfolios spanning takeoff to landing.

    Innovations and Achievements

    Since the invention of autopilot in 1914, we’ve been a leader in innovation for the Air Travel industry. Today, thousands of Honeywell products are used in aircraft and airports around the world.​

    Everyday 140,000 Honeywell air turbine starters
    bring to life commercial and military aircraft, industrial and marine equipment

    Mission success
    Since the 1950s, Honeywell has been on board every NASA space mission 

    >160K auxiliary power units, generators and high-performance engines
    for airplanes, helicopters, and military vehicles shipped since 1948

    What we do

    Advanced Air Mobility

    UAV's and Urban Air Mobility Systems are designed to make flying as simple as driving.

    Airlines And Cargo Solutions

    Learn how we can help you deliver on time and on budget.

    Business Jet

    Learn how to have a safer and more efficient flight operations with our Business Aviation Solutions.


    Avionics, propulsion and services for militaries worldwide.

    General Aviation

    We are committed to advancing the future of general aviation with our products and services.


    Safety, tracking and power for helicopter operators.


    Crewed, uncrewed and satellite solutions for space missions.

    Software for Aerospace Operations

    Cabin Connectivity for Business Aviation

    A single source of truth for managing cabin connectivity.

    Martinair Cargo Saves Fuel

    Get easy access to flight efficiency information before and during a flight.

    How we Helped Sichuan Airlines Streamline Their Operations

    FMS Wind has been successfully deployed and tested at Sichuan Airlines.


    For information about how we can help your business.