What is a #futureshaper?

    Here's how our employees around the world say they make the future

    From creating the force that propels air taxis, to building software that makes facilities more efficient, a #futureshaper makes tomorrow better.

    Our team members from around the world defined what being a #futureshaper means to them.

    Here’s what they say.

    Jijo Samuel Ambanattu, project administrator for Gulf Arabia 
    Dubai, UAE

    “A #futureshaper delivers next-generation thoughts with best practices, knowledge, skills and resources.” 

    Ovidiu Ardelean, technical assistance center manager
    Timisoara, Romania

    “A #futureshaper is someone who observes, identifies business needs and is ready to make improvements to get things done.” 

    Erica Brinker, vice president of brand
    Phoenix, AZ

    "A #futureshaper is someone who never settles for the status quo and continues to challenge the conventions of whatever they do. At Honeywell, it’s what we all have in common as we transform the way the world works."

    Anju Chhabra, project and quality lead 
    Gurgaon, India

    “A #futureshaper is someone who knows how to mold the present to develop a future with win-win opportunities for each and every individual.”

    Greta Corrigan, senior human resources director 
    Phoenix, AZ

    “A #futureshaper is a person who not only believes in their ability to make our world a better place, but relentlessly pursues that achievement personally and professionally. A #futureshaper is curious about the world around them and is a lifelong learner.”

    Nelly Gaio, senior communications specialist
    Rolle, Switzerland

    "A #futureshaper is someone who understands we can either be shaped by the future or influence it – and who chooses the latter. A futureshaper doesn’t just adapt to change, he/she creates change for others, and leads the way to innovations that will transform our future."

    Renata Gao, external communication specialist

    "What is a #futureshaper: Shatter the threshold, eager to innovate, always impulse to overcome the challenge. "

    Rik Hu, maintenance manager
    Nanjing, China

    “A #futureshaper is a person or team who works with predictive actions to make changes to achieve a wonderful future.”

    Divya Jyoti, global product manager, pictured with Taylor Smith (far left) and Kevin Beck
    Fort Mill, SC

    “A #futureshaper is a customer-centric individual/team who gets motivated to provide solutions for future challenges well before time and then works backwards to provide intelligent products and services through cutting-edge technology.”

    Usha Devi Kuloor, principal software engineer, technology leader and global project lead for SmartLine products
    Fort Washington, PA

    “A #futureshaper creates solutions that end users can easily tweak to their needs without much effort. Whether it be hardware or software, a #futureshaper makes products that are seamless for end users, products that can be easily customized to their needs intuitively.”

    Taymik Seguí-Ponce, analyst sr PP&C
    Puerto Rico

    "Being a #futureshaper is to collaborate in building a culture of innovation by changing your mindset, adapting quickly to changes and taking everyday actions. It’s about working together to co-create the future!"