Spotlight: Kimberly Pena

    Kimberly wants to be an engineer. As a student at Texas A&M University, Kimberly got a step closer to that goal in her internship at Honeywell.

    Here’s what she said about the experience:

    What is your role at Honeywell?
    This is my first internship, so I’m gaining real world experience with Honeywell.

    I’m trying to standardize the “engineering change notice process” across five specific sites, then analyze and document the differences between them, and why the differences benefit each respective site. It’s very interesting to learn about the process that the configuration management department does and learn what they do and how I’m here to help them to improve and make it better.

    How would you describe the environment at Honeywell?
    Honeywell is like a family. They definitely are always there for you if you need help, but it’s also very independent - and that’s something I like. They let you take charge, and then if you do have questions, they’re next to you to guide you. Since the first day they’ve welcomed me and it just feels like home.

    What industry organizations are you involved with?
    I was involved with SHPE which stands for Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and also Mexican American Engineering and Science (MAES). For someone who is in SHPE and looking to grow in your career, I’d say that Honeywell is a really great company to come and work for. If you’re looking for real world experience, you’ll definitely find it here.