Spotlight: Rita Ezeugwu

    Performance is integral to everything engineer Rita Ezeugwu does. Whether it’s designing components for perfectly functioning turbines or playing the viola or dancing.

    “I’ve always been interested in the mechanics of how things work and how things move, and Honeywell gives me the opportunity to pursue this passion,” Rita said. “Now, as a more experienced engineer, I have the opportunity to instill the drive for performance in others.”

    Here’s how Honeywell’s performance culture fits her personality.

    What is your role at Honeywell?
    I work on rotating component designs and analyzes that help drive healthy mechanical performance of air turbine and actuation systems. More specifically, we use customer requirements to design and analyze rotating components such as bearings, gears and seals. Each of these components has unique and important performance criteria to ensure Honeywell products function properly as they transmit and support loads or seal fluids between two systems.

    What aspects of your projects are important to people?
    Business needs evolve with time, and our customers have an interest in increasing loads and improving performance while maintaining economical and lightweight features. Aviation is constantly changing in pursuit of efficiency, safety and performance. Because our customers want long-lasting, economical products from Honeywell, we look for ways to reduce the weight and cost of components in our products while maintaining or improving robustness and staying ahead of the curve. It’s fast-paced and precision-driven.

    What would you tell new recruits coming to Honeywell?
    As a new recruit, don’t worry about being expected to know everything about Honeywell or the job. Even though new recruits have degrees to show their level of knowledge, there will be a lot of on-the-job training that was not learned from school. Show your interest in the job and stay on top of work by asking questions for clarifications. From performing rotor dynamics analysis on turbomachinery in California to showing safety compliance of flight control systems in the Czech Republic, there are a variety of Honeywell jobs around the world that relate to your interests.

    What business organizations are you involved with?
    I joined the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) in my third year at Honeywell. It has been a great way to network and attract talent to join the Honeywell team. Diversity is integral to Honeywell’s culture because it is the source of different ideas that promote open-mindedness and innovation.