Meet a #futureshaper: Andrea Urueta

    She's making air and space travel safer

    When Andrea Urueta applied to college, she had never even met an engineer.

    As she earned her electrical engineering degree, she realized she enjoyed electronics labs.

    Now, she’s a power supply design engineer. She designs the functionality of power supply circuit cards for various aerospace applications.

    Based in Phoenix, Arizona; here is her #futureshaper story.

    When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    A professional tennis player.

    What do you do?

    We develop a design and perform analysis through calculations and simulations under worst-case conditions. Besides theoretically analyzing the circuit’s performance, we work with mechanical, manufacturing, and test engineers to design the card and verify its producibility and performance. It takes a lot of creativity to overcome challenging requirements and the environments that aerospace electronics endure.

    What gets you excited about coming to work every day?

    Most people in the world do not have access to a college education let alone a career in technology, so I try to not take it for granted. I am surrounded by intelligent, driven, people who support and believe in my success and that truly rejuvenates me.

    How has Honeywell changed since you began working here?

    In my short time at Honeywell, I have seen higher priority placed on employee engagement and upholding promises to diversity and retention. There are more women around the office, which makes the workplace more pleasant for me!

    Why is the future important?

    I find the future mystifying because it is both unknown yet our day-to-day choices and actions have a great influence on it. However, what is a given is change. It is important to work hard towards a goal today to build the future you want to see for tomorrow and be ready for whatever challenges come your way.

    How does your job make tomorrow better and safer than today?

    My job ensures the safety of many people. Whether it is someone flying on vacation or our military troops in dangerous situations, we ensure reliable equipment for a safe return.

    What qualities do you think a #futureshaper should have?

    A #futureshaper should bring curiosity, a can-do attitude and be a team player.

    If you were a fortune reader, what would you predict as the future of your industry?

    Electronics for aerospace is getting more competitive. It is an exciting time as we are partnering with new customers and companies in the urban air mobility, cybersecurity and the changing space business.

    What advice do you have for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

    Start by focusing on making the most of their educational experience at their university. When an opportunity arises to do a stretch project or be a lead, rather than be fearful of the change, focus on what you can gain from it. Secondly, the people you surround yourself with are who you will become so fill your circle with trustworthy, driven individuals who have your best interest.

    What do you do for fun?

    I enjoy trying new things on my bucket list. The future is guaranteed, but I am not. So I am proactive at completing the things you always say you will do someday. Some examples are learning how to golf, hiking new trails, visiting another country and many more!

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