Meet a #futureshaper: Benjamin Hernandez

    He's making airplane flight smoother

    Benjamin Hernandez has always liked math.

    Growing up, he thought he wanted to be a math teacher or an accountant.

    Instead, he’s a mechanical design engineer and he uses logic to create, modify and repair airplane components by editing drawings and 3D models on a computer.

    Based in Mexicali, Mexico; here is his #futureshaper story.

    What gets you excited about coming to work every day?

    What gets me excited about coming to work every day is the great work environment and the opportunity to develop or solve challenging tasks.

    What do you wish people knew about Honeywell?

    I wish people knew that Honeywell is a big and very relevant company, where you have a lot of opportunities to grow your professional career.

    How has Honeywell changed since you began working here?

    Honeywell has had relevant changes. Locally, our site built a new building for a wind tunnel. And I have been seeing more young new recruitments.

    Why is the future important?

    The future is important because we will get there eventually. We need to make sure that the future will be better to have a better life when we get there.

    How does your job make tomorrow better and safer than today?

    My job takes care of creating and improving the aerospace sector, it helps to create more efficient and reliable aircraft.

    What qualities do you think a #futureshaper should have?

    A #futureshaper is willing to do their best, likes to innovate, is competitive with himself and is responsible.

    If you were a fortune reader, what would you predict as the future of your industry?

    I’ll predict more projects for the aerospace industry and work relevant to new flying cars/drones.

    What advice do you have for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

    My advice is to compete against yourself and always try to exceed expectations.

    What do you for fun?

    I like to play ping pong, racquet ball, videogames, watch movies and series and ride my motorcycle.

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