Meet a #futureshaper: Lisa Butters

    She's using blockchain to sell aircraft engines.

    The airplane parts industry looks like the used car industry did 15 years ago, said Lisa Butters, the general manager for GoDirect Trade.

    Car shoppers went to dealerships, but dealers did not want to reveal prices. Everything was drawn out and relationship-based.

    But today, you can buy a car out of a vending machine as if it were a bag of chips, Lisa said.

    “Every industry still in the dark ages of commerce will move into the digital age,” she said.

    Based in Phoenix, Arizona; here is her #futureshaper story.

    When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    An author

    How long have you been at Honeywell?

    15 years

    What gets you excited about going to work every day?

    Every company starts somewhere and as a software startup we are truly in the infantile stages, just trying to survive. To wake up every day, with the sole purpose to keep this startup alive but ensure its survival for many years to come, makes every day exciting. My typical day is spent 20 percent talking with external people and companies to expand our ecosystem, 30 percent doing design work – both in user experience screens on the marketplace and artwork for ad and social campaigns, 30 percent technical requirements and design, 15 percent marketing activities, and 5 percent socializing with our startup team by exercising together, goofing off or playing a game.

    Did you ever imagine you would end up in the job you are now?

    When I was 17 I launched my own startup, called Doctor Know It All, which ultimately failed. But that experience helped nurture my passion for innovation and risk-taking. I wanted to be part of the dot-com boom and I’ve always felt comfortable with the startup environment. I’ve aspired to be a CEO and lead a company. Now that I’m in this job, I know 100 percent that I want to run a software company. I am happiest when I am placed in a fast-paced environment where creativity and a structure absent of hierarchy reigns. 

    Describe what you do.

    GoDirect Trade is an online marketplace for used aerospace parts. Every day, I come into work trying to keep this baby alive and thriving!

    In your eyes, what qualities does a #futureshaper possess?

    Grit. Creativity. Curiosity. Ability to connect dots.

    What advice would you give someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

    Stay curious and never give up.

    When you are not working, what do you do for fun?

    I have four kids ages 6, 7, 9 and 11. My all-time favorite things to do include eating brunch for hours with unlimited mimosas. I also enjoy hiking and reading— not boring business books, romantic comedies are my jam. For example, when I retire, I aspire to be a romantic comedy author. I also like to spend time with my husband, eat and play and coach volleyball.