Meet a #futureshaper: Mahmoud Sofrata

    He helps prevent accidents before they happen.

    Mahmoud Sofrata makes sure workers have the necessary protective equipment to help them do their job and return home safe to their families.

    “The approach towards safety used to be reactive, now we are using software to help prevent accidents before they happen, giving workers an extra layer of safety,” said Mahmoud.

    Based in Dubai and covering the  Middle East, Russia, Turkey and Africa; here is his #futureshaper story.

    When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    I was always fascinated by computers and technology. I lived through the age when computers had mono-color screens and you could only access the internet through dial-up. I always wanted to do something with the internet. My first job was at an “ISP - Internet Service Provider.”

    What brought you to Honeywell?

    I was always interested in Honeywell and the technology. I joined Honeywell as a sales director for sensing and productivity business and then took on different roles.

    What gets you excited about coming to work every day?

    Being at the forefront of innovation. We are always looking for new ways to solve our customers' challenges.

    If you were a fortune reader, what would you predict as the future of your industry?

    There is a rising trend of digitization in safety equipment with a focus on predictability and adaptability. Workers will be fully connected in the future and will have real-time visibility to hazards. They will have the right information at the right time to allow them to avoid an accident before it happens.

    In your eyes, what qualities does a #futureshaper possess?

    A #futureshaper should be able to take risks, adapt to changes, be flexible and ready to be pushed out of their comfort zone.

    What advice do you have for someone who wants to follow in your footsteps?

    To achieve your goals, you really need to learn to work as a team. What comes from a diverse team is very powerful! I cover a region made of 22 countries, with colleagues speaking over 60 different languages. Our diversity is what makes us special!

    When you are not working, what do you do for fun?

    I am a triathlete so if I am not working; I am swimming, cycling or running. My most recent challenge was finishing an Ironman 140.6 race at the Africa Championship in South Africa. 

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