Students Dream Up Ways to Change to the World with STEM

These future inventors competed for the best innovations to make their communities better

Get a look at the big ideas of the next generation.

For the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Challenge, middle and high school students were asked to come up with ideas to make a difference in their communities. 

The competition is part of the STEM Leadership Program at Georgia Tech that is sponsored by Honeywell and supports software and computing education at schools in Metro Atlanta. 

Meet this year’s winners.

First Prize – Junior Division: Seed Vault Defender

School: Trickum Middle School

Teacher: Jennifer Killian

Idea: A network of sensors would be placed near the Global Seed Vault in the Arctic, which houses seeds to preserve crop diversity. The solution would monitor and alert people to presence of meltwater, which is the water coming from melting snow and ice, near the facility. 

First Prize – Senior Division: Tackling Obesity

School: BEST Academy

Teacher: Marlon Alfaro

Idea: A watch-like device that tracks “Health Points.”  Users can award each other with points when they see others making healthy decisions, or lose points when onboard sensors pick up interactions with vending machines.

Impact Award – Junior Division: Baby Bath Safety Tub

School: Mundy’s Mill Middle School

Teacher: Karen Artis

Idea: A smart bathtub that tracks the amount and temperature of water to ensure the safety of a baby.

Impact Award – Senior Division: Street Smart Walk Home

School: Benjamin Mays High School

Teacher: Mariama Boone

Idea: The smart wearable supports awareness while walking and includes a motion sensor to detect others nearby, audio warnings when others get too close, and red flashing lights for visibility.

Innovation Award – Junior Division: Survival Food Dispenser

School: Smitha Middle

Teacher: Alissa Walens

Idea: An automated food-dispensing briefcase that rations out food during emergency survival situations.

Innovation Award – Senior Division: Fire And Safety Technology (F.A.S.T.)

School: Chamblee Charter High School

Teacher: Lucretia Gant

Idea: A network of sensors and devices that prevent human-caused wildfires by detecting fires from a distance and alerting nearby individuals to the threat.