Meet a #futureshaper: Neove Pipper

    For Pride Month, learn how she supports inclusion and diversity

    Neove Pipper says she is inspired by global and local LGBTQ leaders who advocate for equal employment opportunities and non-discrimination policies.

    On a personal level, she experienced that support when her manager encouraged her to talk about being openly gay at work.  

    “I feel very good about working in a company that not only respects diversity, but fosters it, and ensures that we have the correct environment so that employees feel comfortable with being diverse and can truly be who they are,” Neove said.

    Neove sells automation solutions for industrial customers to help them run their plants safely and efficiently. She is also the vice president of the Inclusion and Diversity Council at Honeywell Latin America. After almost 10 years with Honeywell, she has advice for someone following in her footsteps.

    “Take on challenges,” Neove said. “Be humble and allow yourself to learn from others. Act as a team player. Learn from your mistakes.”

    Based in Mexico City, Mexico; here is her #futureshaper story.

    What does diversity mean to you?

    Diversity means an opportunity to share my vision of the world and enrich it through the experiences of others. Within the company, diversity allows us to incorporate different backgrounds and views into the way we operate, with the goal of providing value to our customers and stakeholders.

    Since it is Pride Month, have you been inspired by LGBTQ leaders?

    Tim Cook was the first CEO of a Fortune 500 company to publicly come out as gay in 2014, he exposed his private life to serve as role model to people that were afraid to show themselves as they truly are. In addition, his leadership lessons include elements such as, trusting others around you, being humble, fostering diversity; these are elements that are predominant in my leadership style.

    How do you inspire others?

    I foster an environment of trust and invite people to express their points of view and opinions to make sure that we consider various angles before making a decision. My message is: dare to do things and don't be afraid to be yourself.

    What gets you excited about going to work every day?

    My team, the opportunities we have to grow our business and beat out the competition.

    If you were a fortune reader, what would you predict as the future of your industry?

    I believe we are well positioned to help key industries (oil and gas, mining, pulp and paper, among others) meet their operational and financial objectives while helping provide a safe environment for their employees. These objectives will continue to be relevant for many years.

    In your eyes, what qualities does a #futureshaper possess?

    A #futureshaper is innovative, resilient, inspires others, competitive and leads by example.

    When you are not working, what do you do for fun?

    I play with my kids and pretend to be a monster or a princess.

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