What The People Who Run Facilities Say About Returning To Buildings

    This new survey gives an insider’s view to the getting back indoors – and what positive changes might happen for those inside.

    From hospitals to stadiums to offices, facilities managers know a lot about buildings and the people in them. 

    That’s why we wanted to get the behind-the-scenes story about how they’re approaching their work in building management in a post-pandemic world. 

    A Honeywell/KRC survey of more than 1,500 of buildings managers in the United States, Germany and China and Saudi Arabia gives a snapshot of what’s next in the world of buildings and their occupants. 

    Here are the trends: 

    75% of surveyed facility managers in the U.S. say COVID-19 has prompted their facility to rethink its modes of operation 

    Priorities are shifting – in way that will likely improve the experience people have in these spaces. A majority of those surveyed are looking to invest in indoor air quality optimization and in occupant experience solutions like contactless building access, smart parking and personalized experiences.

    58% say healthy buildings is a top priority right now

    62% say it will continue to be a top priority – that means improving indoor air quality for those working in healthcare and educational facilities and those in data centers and commercial real estate buildings cite cleaning procedures. 

    54% see digital transformation needs to accelerate

    Most – 93% – said that remote facility management is important now. And 67% said they are more willing to invest in smart building solutions that that drive efficiency or sustainability. 

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