Meet a #futureshaper And Record-Holding Hiker

    For this financial analyst, no mountain is too high – not even Mount Everest.

    In December, Sukitha Venkatesh traded her routine as a financial analyst in Bengaluru, India, to trek to and from Mount Everest’s South Base Camp in Nepal.

    Reflecting on her six-day trip on the world-famous trail, Sukitha described the moment she reached Mount Everest Base Camp – at an elevation of about 17,500 feet – as “beyond explainable.”

    Completing the journey to and from the camp was a major achievement in and of itself – but the speed at which Sukitha trekked recently earned her a spot in the 2022 India Book of Records, where she’s recognized as India’s fastest woman to complete the path.

    We caught up with Sukitha to get her tips for success – and hear how her experiences on the trails inspire how she approaches her career and life. Here’s what she said:

    Find balance

    By day, Sukitha focuses on financial planning and business analysis, supporting our Performance Materials and Technologies business.

    Outside of work, being in nature helps her recharge, she said.

    “Nature, especially mountains, are so liberating and empowering to me. The trails taken are never the same, and each experience and season is different,” Sukitha said.

    Share your passions

    In addition to her title as a record-holding hiker, Sukitha is a trained classical dancer, marathon runner and yoga teacher.

    She said that she cherishes being able to share those interests at work. For her, that’s meant leading yoga workshops for the Honeywell India team and telling her team about her upcoming hikes.

    “The work environment and culture on my team has allowed me to have open discussions with my manager about my Mount Everest expedition,” Sukitha said. “I’m part of a supportive ecosystem where there’s a sense of belonging.”

    Spend time every day pursuing your personal goals

    Take it from this record-holding #futureshaper: It’s OK to start small.

    Whether you’re looking to find more balance in your daily life or picking up a new skill – Sukitha said reserving just 30 minutes every day for personal development can make an impact.

    In terms of her next big feat: Sukitha has her eyes set on climbing to the summit of Mount Everest.

    “This requires a lot of effort, endurance and training, but I’ve got this,” Sukitha said. “I’ll keep going as long as my body and mind supports me.”