Meet a #Futureshaper: Casey Moore

    Casey is a customer marketing manager who elevates the technologies – and the people behind them – that enable efficiency in buildings, aircraft and other operations.

    A lifelong lover of the outdoors, Casey Moore wants future generations to experience the same activities that defined her upbringing, from camping trips to water sports.

    As a customer marketing manager focused on technologies with sustainability-focused outcomes, Casey brings her drive to preserve the environment to each of the campaigns and projects she leads.

    Get to know Casey and her Futureshaper story.

    What do you enjoy most about what you do?

    I get the opportunity to take an inside look into Honeywell’s sustainability portfolio and roadmaps. This has allowed me to meet many amazing innovators behind our products and services and see firsthand how Honeywell is on the road to meeting its sustainability commitments.

    What's your personal connection to sustainability?

    Being a part of Girl Scouts of the USA for more than 10 years helped me develop a love for being outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, playing sports, heading to the beach or kayaking on the lake, I love it all. While participating in various outdoor activities, I learned the responsibility we all have in protecting our planet and how making small changes such as committing to recycling in your home can make an impact. 

    My dad has also had a huge impact on my personal commitment to contributing to a more sustainable world. I have memories from my childhood of my dad picking up recyclable items from my neighbors' and relatives' homes to ensure it was properly discarded. He always said: "I want my grandchildren to have this planet too." Seeing his personal passion and commitment help me understand the importance of doing what you can to protect the place we all call home.

    What does it mean to be a Futureshaper?

    Being a Futureshaper means being fearless, flexible and fun. As a Futureshaper, you control the outcome, and I believe you must do three things.

    Be fearless: Never be afraid to push for your idea or project. Your idea could be the winning one. Think big! This can be a tough one, but always try to push yourself.

    Be flexible: Being faced with a challenge isn’t a reason to quit. Reset your mindset and figure out the best way forward with the resources you have. Mindset is everything. If you don’t have a good mindset, you’ll never win.

    Have fun: Futureshapers are hard-working but also know how to be fun and creative. Futureshapers are inviting and inclusive and foster a welcoming culture on their teams.

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