Meet A #Futureshaper: Helin Cox

    Helin is an engineer delivering technologies that will help enable the global energy transition.

    Based in London, Helin is an engineer who leads a team that develops creative solutions to help companies participate in the global energy transition.

    Get to know more about Helin and her #Futureshaper story.

    What do you do?

    I am accountable for delivery of sustainable technology solutions, as well as molecular management and energy efficiency in existing assets. I am an engineer by training, and I really value the impact I make on the world by developing the best energy technologies of the future.

    What is your personal connection to sustainability?

    Personally, I enjoy nature very much. I have committed to being outside every day. It's phenomenal to take a step back and really enjoy the nature we've been given, and to think that I can come to work and make sure that stays as pristine and wonderful for the next generations to come is really motivating.

    How do you define Futureshaper?

    We make decisions every single day that turn into technologies, products and entire new markets. In energy technology, this is more strikingly apparent than most. By inventing and getting these technologies out to the market, we will shape the future of sustainable energy technology.

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