Meet A #Futureshaper: Chris Jones

    Chris helps companies with industrial operations make use of automated processes designed to empower workers, enhance safety and improve efficiency.

    Chris started his career at Honeywell more than 26 years ago as a chemical and plant operator. Today, he helps people who work in similar environments have safer and more efficient experiences. How? Through implementing autonomous technology.

    Learn more about Chris and his #Futureshaper story.

    What do you do?

    I lead the industrial autonomous breakthrough initiative. My teams help companies progress from traditional automation to a digital world where they are more dependent upon digital systems to run the business.

    How does that relate to sustainability?

    As we drive improved reliability (through industrial autonomous technologies), we can drive improved emissions and safety performance.

    What does being a Futureshaper mean to you?

    As Futureshapers, I think we should focus on developing new generations of talent that will carry on the work we are starting. 

    One of the drivers behind going into chemical engineering was wanting to make a difference. As I work in this digital world, we're able to help our customers do that.

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