Engineers Share How to Excel in STEM Careers

    Get inspired by engineers who’ve forged their career paths in aerospace, energy, manufacturing and beyond.

    Engineers design, develop and implement transformative solutions to the world’s toughest challenges impacting the global energy transition, organizations’ paths to autonomy and the future of aviation.

    If you love solving problems and are excited about science, engineering, technology and math (STEM), there are many opportunities to get involved.

    We caught up with some of our own engineers to get their best career advice and thoughts on why it’s a great time to pursue a path in STEM.

    Javier Rios – Chemical Engineer 

    (Pictured above)

    What do you do?

    I work largely with companies in the industrial, energy and oil and gas industries to implement products at their sites globally and help improve their processes.

    Why should early career professionals pursue STEM careers? 

    We need talented people who are curious to improve processes, help clients, and advance science and improve technology overall. It’s a challenging but rewarding career.

    Best career advice: Take any opportunity to learn something. Even subject matter experts need fresh eyes and ideas from the next generation to improve the products or solutions they’re working on. Learn from your mentors and peers. If you have the passion and drive to work on a problem or your own development, you can shape a great career in engineering.

    How does community play a role in your career?

    Being involved with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) through Honeywell makes me feel a sense of belonging. It gives me fuel and makes me feel like we’re making a difference for the next generation of engineers.

    Trish Lueck – Systems Engineering Manager

    What do you do?

    I help build and design cool things (inertial navigation systems) by supporting and leading a team of incredibly smart and dedicated engineers.

    Why should more people pursue STEM careers? 

    Innovation is a result of diversity of thought. The more people who decide to pursue STEM, the more opportunity we have as a society to develop creative solutions to solve problems. 

    Best career advice: Be the coworker you would want to work with. Engineering in the professional world is a team sport.

    How does community play a role in your career?

    Being involved with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has helped me build a network outside of my immediate work circle – a network of engineers across Honeywell that is inspiring and supportive.

    Arva Patel – Project Engineer

    What do you do?

    As an engineer in the aerospace industry, I lead the design and development efforts for various aircraft projects. I work with engineers, supply chain and program management teams. I coordinate with hardware suppliers and oversee budget and program schedules. I’m tasked with preparing comprehensive test plans to validate the performance and safety of aircraft components and systems.

    Why should early career professionals pursue STEM?

    I believe more people should pursue STEM, especially women. Not only are STEM careers in high-demand and offer diverse job opportunities, but they also give a chance to solve complex problems, foster innovation and creativity, have a global impact and promote collaboration.

    Best career advice: Early in your engineering career, focus on continuous learning, networking, gaining hands-on experience, developing communication skills, finding mentors and staying resilient.

    How does community play a role in your career? 

    Being involved in SWE is important to me because it provides a supportive community where I can connect with other women in the field and share experiences, and we can empower each other. It has offered me networking opportunities, mentorship, and resources to navigate challenges unique to women in engineering, ultimately helping me advance professionally and make a greater impact in the industry.

    JaQuan Scott – Product Engineer

    What do you do?

    I am a project leader on an electrical engineering project. I manage the project's components and manufacturing.

    Why should early career professionals pursue STEM careers?

    Careers in STEM are diverse enough for anyone to find something that interests them, and it allows people to contribute to some of the most progressive industries.

    Best career advice: Know your goals and look for opportunities that align with them. Early on, any opportunity you get, embrace it to your fullest potential even if you don’t know if it’s aligned with your long-term goals. Work to develop the necessary skills to help you succeed in the long-term.

    How does community play a role in your career?

    The leadership I gained from serving as the president of my collegiate chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) helped prepared me for my internship and current role. The network I’ve created from NSBE inspires me to continually reach out to the next generation and support anyone at all levels.

    Edwin Rosales – Certification Engineer

    What do you do?

    I help Honeywell achieve and maintain certifications and compliance with regulatory agencies, which requires me to perform hardware and operational testing for fire safety platforms I support. My team’s contributions make it possible for these solutions to exist in the market. 

    Why should people early in their career pursue STEM? 

    A STEM career opens the doors to be able to work on products and technologies of today and of tomorrow. Engineering allows me to continuously learn new topics while also allowing me to put what I learn into practice.

    Best career advice: Keep learning, asking questions and forging meaningful connections with other engineers who will help you along the way.

    How does community play a role in your career?

    Being involved with SHPE has left a profound impact in my life, as I have gotten to know and network with engineers, including my mentor, whom I would normally not interact with in my function. Everyone I have met has a contagious energy for SHPE and shares the same desire to elevate the Hispanic community.

    Marissa Giron – Advanced Project Engineer

    What do you do?

    I develop and implement improvements and support engine production. I lead design and development activities for various engineering projects within my program, and I work closely with groups across Honeywell and customers to deliver the best possible results.

    Why should early career professionals pursue STEM careers?

    Those of us in STEM can attest to the fact that we have the unique opportunity to shape the world with our work. STEM fosters a spirit of curiosity and innovation that drives us to seek out knowledge and push the boundaries of our reality. The more people we have pushing with us, the farther that boundary can stretch.   

    Best career advice: Be confident and practice self-advocacy. Speak up for yourself, understand and express what tools you need to be successful, and actively participate in the decisions that affect your career.

    How does community play a role in your career?

    SWE has provided me with a diverse network of women engineers to lean on for support and inspiration. The national conferences have been especially rewarding experiences, allowing me the opportunities to attend keynote speeches from female industry leaders, participate in discussions relevant to women in STEM and connect and bond with other engineers.

    Rupali Shrivastava – Lead Embedded Engineer

    What do you do?

    I ensure that our aerospace products comply with standards and regulations set by aviation authorities. My team’s work is critical to ensure that our products meet the highest safety and performance.

    Why should early career professionals pursue STEM careers?

    You can make a positive impact on society by becoming a part of transformative changes and growth in the world.  

    Best career advice: Be adaptable to the changing world and technology.

    How does community play a role in your career?

    Being a member of the SWE community has empowered me and helped me grow my professional network through mentorship and guidance from female leaders. 


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