Meet A #Futureshaper: Sampada Bokade

    Sampada is bringing breakthroughs to life.

    Launching a breakthrough product or service can be an exciting process.

    The journey often involves scientists, engineers, designers, strategists, lawyers, and sales and marketing teams.

    As an intellectual property leader, Sampada and her teams are laser-focused on how new products and solutions work and what makes them innovative.  

    Based in Bengaluru, India, meet Sampada and get to know her #Futureshaper story:

    What do you do?

    I work in intellectual property for new products and services in the energy industry. My teams are focused on understanding new technologies in detail to learn about what makes them innovative, and we collaborate closely with research and development, sales and marketing teams to help bring new solutions to the market.

    What are the coolest projects you've worked on?

    It has been exciting contributing to the launch of technologies like processes to develop renewable fuels, as well as technology for carbon capture, storage and utilization.

    What does being a Futureshaper mean to you?

    It's someone who can make a real impact on the environment where we work and live.

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