Meet A #Futureshaper: Pranav Kumbhar

    Pranav helps bring new products to the market.

    Transforming an idea into a product can be an exciting journey.

    Pranav Kumbhar, an intellectual property analyst, gets a front-row seat to that very process and the creativity that goes along with it.

    Pranav works with teams around the world to turn those ideas into products and solutions designed to help make the world safer, smarter and more energy efficient.

    "Being a nature lover, I want to be a part of preserving it for future generations,” Pranav said. 

    Get to know more about Pranav and his #Futureshaper story:

    What do you do?

    As an intellectual property analyst, I work with teams globally to convert ideas for new solutions into real products using integrated technical and legal knowledge. My team handles everything from identifying a technology area to research, to identifying innovative ideas, to patent filing, to bringing the final product into the market.

    What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on? 

    Being involved with renewable fuel projects has been meaningful, including technologies to develop sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) through different pathways.

    What does being a Futureshaper mean to you?

    Being a problem-solver and someone who holds themselves accountable to make a better future for others.

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