The Future Is... Carbon Capture

    Carbon capture – you may have heard about it, but how does it work? Mei Chia, global business leader for CO2 storage and hydrogen solutions at Honeywell, shares what you need to know in this podcast episode.

    When industrial plants operate, they produce carbon dioxide (CO2).

    What if instead of becoming a greenhouse gas in the air, the carbon dioxide were stored permanently underground?

    That process is known as carbon capture.

    Mei Chia joined "The Future Is..." podcast to explain how carbon capture works and why it's crucial for sustainability efforts in a warming world, especially for organizations with industrial plants and operations.

    She used the analogy of a washing machine to help describe the carbon capture process.

    "It's like putting a great big washing machine on the back of those [industrial] plants and capturing the carbon dioxide so that it can be sent to pipelines or sequestration, or sent for utilization," Chia said on the podcast.

    Listen to the full episode to learn more about carbon capture technology.

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