The Future Is... Data

    Here's how a new partnership between Honeywell and SAP will transform business insights.

    Data will power the future. 

    A new partnership between Honeywell and SAP will push the boundaries of what data can do for companies. 

    Que Dallara, president and CEO of Honeywell Connected Enterprise, and Peter Maier, president of SAP Industries and Customer Advisory, explain how the new partnership will benefit businesses, starting in the real estate industry. 

    "What we're doing together with SAP is probably one of the first combinations of pulling together financial and business data that SAP does so well with performance data that Honeywell does so well," Que said.

    Peter explained that the first use case of real estate

    "Companies are really looking for scalability and for trust in data, Peter said adding "It's a logical next step that Honeywell and SAP are partnering." 

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