The Future Is... Generative AI with Sheila Jordan

    Sheila Jordan, our SVP and Chief Digital Technology Officer, breaks down why generative AI has the potential to change the way we work, live and play.

    Our Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Technology Officer Sheila Jordan joined “The Future Is...” podcast to share her perspective on generative AI, what makes it unique and advice on harnessing its potential.

    “Usually there’s a technology that disrupts how we live, work and play every five to 10 years . . . I believe generative AI is that technology,” Jordan said in the episode.

    Listen to the podcast for discussion on: 

    • Why generative AI is different from other disruptive technologies  

    • The importance of change management in successful adoption of generative AI

    • Upskilling workers in the face of emerging technologies

    • How generative AI can help improve productivity and drive growth for organizations and empower employees to focus on high-value projects

    • Considerations for technology leaders implementing generative AI within their organizations, from developing a roadmap to prioritizing data 

    Watch this episode on Honeywell's YouTube channel, or listen on Apple, Spotify or iHeart.