The Future Is... Seamless Shopping

    Faster transactions. "Phygital" shopping. Frictionless returns. How can stores transform to meet the latest consumer expectations? Find out in this conversation with retail experts from Tractor Supply Company and Honeywell.

    Robert Mills, executive vice president and chief technology, digital commerce and strategy officer at Tractor Supply Company joins Karen Bomber, senior director of customer marketing in Honeywell's Productivity Solutions and Services division, to discuss how technology has helped the US rural lifestyle retailer make transactions more efficient and empower its team members.

    The two also share their thoughts on the latest consumer trends – such as "phygital" retail experiences, which blend digital and physical shopping – and share insights for retailers on their digital transformation journeys.

    Speaking about how retailers can embrace digital transformation, Mills said: "Try not to get distracted by too many 'nice-to-have' features. Rather, think about your customer or your team member. How will they utilize this functionality, these capabilities? What’s practical? What’s easy? Is it second nature for them, and will it easily integrate into their day-to-day activities? Keep it simple."

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