The Future Is... The Next 50 Years at the Sydney Opera House

    Hear how the UNESCO World Heritage-listed building approaches sustainability from the inside out, from innovative building technologies to community engagement

    The Sydney Opera House, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2023, isn't only a cultural and architectural landmark. It's also an example of how buildings can prioritize sustainability and provide great experiences for the communities they support.

    In this episode of "The Future Is..." podcast, Emma Bombonato, environmental sustainability manager at the Sydney Opera House, discussed what it's like working there and how the team approaches sustainability as central to the building's legacy and future. 

    "We want people to know that if you can implement sustainability at the Opera House, as a [UNESCO] World Heritage-listed building, as a 50-year-old building, then you can do it anywhere – where it might be your school, it might be another business, it might be another government organization or cultural institution," Bombonato said on the podcast episode.

    This year, the Sydney Opera House announced that it achieved a 6 Star Green Star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia. The building utilizes Honeywell's technology to help support more efficient operations and reduce the building's environmental impact.

    Honeywell has been a Global Goals Partner of the Sydney Opera House since 2021, and Bombonato also discussed on the podcast the role of the Global Goals program and collaboration in making meaningful sustainability progress.

    Listen to the full episode here.

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