Honeywell Introduces Pro-Watch 4.3 Security Management System Creating Integrator Pathway to New Connected Buildings Customers

    MELVILLE, N.Y., March 22, 2017 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced a new iteration of its Pro-Watch® security management system that helps integrators more easily create connected buildings for enterprise customers. The solution has been updated to include custom solutions for highly-connected campuses, along with the vendor portal for the Airport market to help lower the cost of managing of airport vendors. Pro-Watch 4.3 combines access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and other business critical functions into one intelligent business management system. The scalable system features an enhanced user experience and greater integration opportunities that allow integrators to better serve a broader array of enterprise customers with unique needs. Built with a simplified design for a connected building landscape, the system is ideal for a wide range of companies. These include banking, finance, office buildings, campuses, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, utilities (non-nuclear/nuclear), airports and petrochemical complexes. Pro-Watch 4.3 is capable of accommodating more than a million card holders and more than 10,000 doors. The system features a new application program interface (API) that allows integration with other operational services. This open integration capability provides integrators with an opportunity to drive business growth through a new set of potential customers, including enterprises using non-Honeywell equipment. These include third-party solutions including video management systems, physical security information management solutions, visitor management, biometric readers and key management systems. The solution is also compatible with many legacy systems, which allows end-users to stretch their hardware investments while still facilitating the creation of a true connected building. Pro-Watch 4.3 operates seamlessly with other Honeywell solutions including MAXPRO ® VMS and VISTA ®. The new platform also is optimized for mobile control, allowing site security staff to manage time-sensitive access rights from any location. Through the new mobile app, facility managers can control hardware, look up badge holder information, and enable/disable card access from their mobile device at any time. Mobile client support is currently available on iOS devices, with Android compatibility coming soon.

    “Our customers want a proven solution with an open architecture and world-class service that they can use worldwide,” said Eric Green, senior global product manager. “Pro-Watch is an industry leader with a dedicated support group. Now, with its expanded integration and mobile capabilities, Pro-Watch 4.3 provides even more value to enterprise customers, offering more flexibility to manage and leverage existing equipment investments across their global businesses.”

    Pro-Watch 4.3 also features a new vendor management portal. Tailored for airports, this portal is designed to help reduce the labor and time required to handle initial badge set up and changes, and supports compliance with clear auditable controls. For more information, please visit www.honeywellaccess.com.


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