Honeywell Garrett Launches New Aluminum Intercooler For Mustangs

    Honeywell Garrettexpands its performance offerings for Ford's turbocharged Mustang

    TORRANCE, Calif. &endash;(Oct. 31, 2017)&endash; Honeywell Garrett has built a reputation as one of the leading manufacturersof turbochargers and turbo system components. As an industry leader, HoneywellGarrett knows that heat is the enemy of performance, particularly in smalldisplacement turbocharged engines and to that end, it is introducing a newall-aluminum intercooler for Ford's 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang.

    The new all-aluminumintercooler by Honeywell Garrett (P/N: 857564-6001) is dramatically moreefficient than the stock component it replaces thanks to the use ofcomputational fluid dynamics in designing its end tanks and a 60% larger core.These changes combine to offer a 30% reduction in pressure drop as well as a 40degrees Fahrenheit reduction in inlet temperatures versus the stock setup. HoneywellGarrett's intercooler can support up to 600 horsepower, nearly double what isoffered from the factory.

    The 2.3 liter4-cylinder EcoBoost engine in the 2015-2018 Ford Mustang is an extremelycapable engine with the ability to produce well above its factory-listed 310horsepower. One of the bottlenecks for making more power with this engine isthe undersized factory intercooler. The stock intercooler cannot cope withextended periods of full-boost driving and causes the engine to heat soak, thusrobbing power; a problem that is solved by this uprated intercooler.

    “The EcoBoost Mustangis one of the most exciting entry-level performance automobiles thanks to theincredible potential of its turbocharged engine,” said Eric Fraysse, VicePresident and general manager, Aftermarket Honeywell Transportation Systems.“This excellent platform allows Honeywell Garrett to apply its decades ofknowledge towards dramatically increasing performance with products like thisnew aluminum intercooler.”

    This Honeywell Garrett intercoolerwill retail for $650 and installs in two and a half hours using basic handtools and allows owners to reuse their factory hoses, clamps, and bolts.Slightly elongated inlet and outlet ports create a secure surface for hoseattachment reducing the chance of blow-off on higher horsepower applicationswhile maintaining compatibility with both OEM hoses and aftermarket chargepipes.


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    Tim Coltey

    Marketing Specialist, Garrett® Performance Products - Honeywell Transportation Systems