Honeywell Introduces New All-in-One, Self-Monitored Smart Home Security System

    ATLANTA, Nov. 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

    • The industry's most trusted name in home security is delivering a next-generation DIY Smart Home Security System to safeguard and secure your home
    • The system's camera base station will enable future enhancements such as facial recognition and wireless motion viewers to provide expanded home coverage
    • Amazon Alexa enables system to become the center of a connected home to control security, lighting, temperature and other home automation features
    • The system will debut at CES 2018 and is available today in the U.S. at a reduced price on Indiegogo, enabling Honeywell to obtain product feedback from 'early-adopter' consumers


    Honeywell (NYSE: HON), a leading Connected Home solutions provider, announced today that it is introducing the Honeywell Smart Home Security System, a self-installed, all-in-one security solution that is simple to set up and allows consumers to be aware of what's happening in and around their homes. This self-monitored system features Amazon Alexa, and can be upgraded and customized with accessories to fit your specific needs for the comfort and security of your home.

    The heart of the Honeywell Smart Home Security System is a camera base station with an integrated 1080p HD camera and 145-degree viewing that will incorporate facial recognition with push notifications so you can know when your child has arrived home safely from school. The camera base station is completely integrated with the Alexa Voice Service, a high-quality speaker and microphone. Easy to install out of the box, the system can be controlled through an app, your voice, and other optional devices.

    "More than 150 million homeowners already trust Honeywell with their safety, comfort and security," said Michael Flink, president, Honeywell Security and Fire. "Right out of the box and enabled by Amazon Alexa, our system allows customers to keep an eye on what's happening in and around their homes. As is the case with all of Honeywell's Connected Home offerings, the system can be enabled by location-based geofencing, which means it knows when you are at home or away."

    The Honeywell Smart Home Security System features indoor and outdoor sensors and motion viewers that can alert you if your doors or windows are opened, and can even keep an eye on your napping baby in another room. The camera base station and additional devices can be adjusted using a schedule, location-based geofencing, or customizable event and scene triggers.

    Audio and video self-monitoring is available directly through the app, and the Smart Home Security System also can send alerts inside the home with customizable lighting, sirens and video notifications through your app. In addition to being able to turn video recording off in the app, the camera base station includes a manual privacy shutter so you can be sure that what you want to stay private, stays private. The system will come with 24 hours of back-up cloud storage, which will be expanded to three days later this year.

    The Honeywell Smart Home Security System has a robust roadmap of features available in 2018, including facial recognition updates so people will be able to know when their kids come home from school or when the dog walker shows up. Also coming in 2018, audio analytics updates will enable the system to know the difference between an alert from your smoke or carbon monoxide (CO) alarm, your dog barking or other loud noises.

    "We applaud Honeywell for their commitment to listen to the 'crowd' in crowdsourcing ideas for their latest innovation," said Jonathan Cohen, chief enterprise solutions officer, Indiegogo. "Indiegogo's Enterprise offering will allow Honeywell to capture interest and validation while receiving actionable, product insights from consumers."

    Honeywell's Smart Home Security System will launch through Indiegogo's Enterprise Crowdfunding service, allowing Honeywell to engage directly with backers, garner interest and provide real-time updates on how the system can continue to expand to meet people's needs.

    Exclusive pre-order offers for the system will be available for a discounted price to backers on Indiegogo through December 16. Following the exclusive Indiegogo pre-order campaign, the system will become more widely available early next year with bundled pricing starting at $499 MSRP. Indiegogo backers will receive a discounted price for this bundle, which will include the camera base station, window and door access sensors, and a key fob as another option to control the system.

    In addition to its new self-monitored security offering, Honeywell will continue to offer professionally installed and monitored security systems available through our global network of professional security dealers. To learn more about Honeywell's entire family of consumer and professional products for homes, including thermostats, water leak and freeze detectors, cameras, security systems and more, please visit https://yourhome.honeywell.com. Follow Honeywell Home on Facebook.com/HoneywellHome and Twitter.com/Honeywell_home.

    More information on Indiegogo can be found at Indiegogo.com, and you can follow Indiegogo at Twitter.com/indiegogo and on Facebook.com/indiegogo.

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