Honeywells New Line Of Addressable Fire Detection Devices Improves Protection For Modern Building Materials

ATLANTA,August 27, 2018 &endash; Honeywell (NYSE: HON), a leader in ConnectedBuildings, is helping customers get ahead of upcoming building codechanges and improve fire detection through a new line of addressable smoke andheat detection devices available across all Honeywell Fire brands.

Thedevices improve detection of fires involving synthetic materials that arecommonly used in modern buildings, and offer improved system reliabilityagainst false alarms. In addition, these devices have been designed to meet newindustry requirements that go into effect in the United States in 2020 &endash; the UL268 7th Edition standards &endash; ensuring a smooth transition to the newcodes.

“Honeywell'snewest fire detection devices step up to the challenge of modern constructionmethods and codes with the latest technology in fire safety,” said Samir Jain,general manager for Fire Americas, Honeywell Home and Building Technologies.“Serving customers in more than 10 million buildings around the world, we wereable to redesign our devices with an unwavering focus on customers and endusers. Our products across all of our fire brands are easy to install and usewith a lower cost of ownership without sacrificing safety.”

So-called“addressable” detectors connect to a fire alarm control panel and are assignedan address so responders can more easily locate the source of an alarm. The newline of addressable detectors includes photo, photo/thermal, and heatdetectors, along with bases and accessories. Additional specialty detectors,including higher-sensitivity and combined carbon monoxide detectors, will beavailable in the coming months.

Eachspot-type detector is designed for ease-of-use, simple installation, andproject flexibility. With varying base sizes, an expanded color offering andmodern design, the new line supports contemporary aesthetic needs to fit anyenvironment. Whether it's a photoelectric detector or more advancedmulti-criteria solution, the Honeywell devices provide advanced features forfire or life safety systems.

Honeywell addressable smoke detectors and accessories can be used in commercialbuilding spaces across the country including offices, hotels, schools,airports, hospitals, high rise, retail, stadiums, military buildings and more.Small- to medium-sized facilities can benefit from photo and heat detectors ina contemporary white color to meet popular design demands. Diverse commercialenvironments can integrate broader offerings, like remote test capabilities inthe ducts, heat detectors in furnace rooms, photo detection across the mainbuilding, high sensitivity for a server closet, and the wider system connection.

Thenew line of smoke detection devices will be available across Honeywell Firebrands: NOTIFIER, HoneywellGamewell-FCI, HoneywellFarenhyt, Honeywell SilentKnight and Fire-Lite Alarms.

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